Spring weather finally melts the snow and welcomes us outside again, it’s probably time to take a hard look at some necessary home repairs. Replacing your eavestroughs is a job that doesn’t have to be done often, but should be something you take a look at each spring. You never know when a build up of leaves or other debris will cause a crack or hole!

Since eavestrough replacement doesn’t usually have to be done more than every 15-20 years, often homeowners don’t even realize when the time has come to do it. And if you’ve recently purchased your home, you might not even know when it was done last!

As the spring melt leads you to do more work outdoors you can easily take a quick look for some key concerns to know whether it’s time to make a call to the professionals or not.

Eavestrough damage could be significant

Did you know? Throughout Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and areas we’ve been replacing home gutters/eavestroughs and all exterior aluminum plus siding for decades. At a fair cost, you can renew the entire exterior of your home or building!

Though replacing your eavestroughs is a pretty big job, it’s nothing compared to what you might be in for if you don’t make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Some long-term effects of broken or leaking gutters include:

  • Flooding in your basement or garage
  • Damage to the exterior of your home including damaged brickwork or siding
  • Flooding under walkways or sidewalks, which could lead to shifting of the panels or bricks
  • Cracking or leaking in your foundation
  • Water stains on the interior of your home if water leaks inward due to clogged eaves
  • If you have any gardens or landscaping around your home or garage, they could face damage from flooding

Signs that your eavestroughs might need replacing:

Signs of disrepair like cracks, holes, rust spots or paint fading

While small holes and cracks can often be repaired with some sealant, if you have several of them it might be signs of eavestroughs that need replacing. Rust spots can indicate the same. If your eavestroughs look like the paint is fading and needs to be redone, it’s also a good sign that they have been in place for a number of years. Though you could just paint them to improve curb appeal, you’ll be better served to just replace them.

Water leaking from any seams, joints, corners or the middle of the gutters

If you find water leaking out of any part of your gutter system you are probably needing them replaced. Though a bit of overflow could happen in a heavy rain your eavestroughs should be able to stand up to most rainfalls without any overflow, and definitely without leaking.

When inspecting your gutters ensure that you don’t see any separation between sections of the eavestrough or separation from the wall.

Regularly find broken fasters and fallen screws or nails on the ground

Fallen screws and nails can just be ones that have worked themselves loose over time, or they can be a sign that the fascia is no longer holding the eavestroughs in place. In the same way, fasteners can need repair occasionally but if you are finding that these problems persist, something bigger might need to be done.

Damage to the exterior of your home and yard

If you notice your exterior paint peeling, the garden around your house flooding or any walkways shifting, you might have a problem with your eavestroughs. A properly fitted eavestrough system will contain the water it catches and direct it to the downspout to be let off further from your house. If water is pooling closer to your home, it may have issues that need to be addressed.

Interior damage to your home

If your eavestroughs overflow or leak regularly, that can lead to pooled water around your home which can leak into your basement. If left untreated, these leaks can even lead to mold in your home which could end up with some costly repairs and even health concerns.

Should I do it myself?

It can be very tempting to go the DIY route when it comes to repairing or replacing your eavestroughs, but this often isn’t a good idea. If this is something you’ve never done before it’s likely that you’ll make some mistakes that could take your money-saving home project into something that could cost more than if you had hired someone from the beginning.

Simple sounding decisions like choosing the right gutter system and material, setting the gutter to sit at the right pitch for proper water flow and being safe on the ladder are some things that can trip you up before you even realize it.

Check your gutters regularly

Though eavestroughs can last you around 20 years or more, the best way to ensure they have a long life is to check them regularly. If you discover any issues with your gutter system you should act fast to avoid any potential long-term damage to your home and yard. When it comes time to replace them, call the experts to help make that process as easy as possible!

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