The eavestroughs that run around the exterior base of your roof perform one significant function: they help water drain away from your house. So, it stands to reason then that if they leak, they can’t perform their job properly. But what damage can a leaky eavestrough actually do? It turns out, quite a lot!

Damage caused by leaky eavestroughs

A leaky eavestrough can actually lead to some pretty expensive repairs for homeowners, and you don’t want to learn the hard way just how expensive the repairs might be!

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Damage to your roof and attic

The primary job of your eavestroughs, or gutters, is to funnel water away from your roof in a structured pathway. Water pooling on a roof or fascia can lead to leaks in the roof, rotting wood and potentially even leaks into your attic if not caught soon enough.

Water pooling on the ground leading to flooding and foundation cracks

When eavestroughs are blocked or cracked, the water they’re meant to control is no longer able to be funneled properly leading to it escaping wherever it can. This can lead to water pooling around the base of your home, possibly leading to damage to your foundation walls and flooding in your basement. When water pools with no escape it can cause undue pressure on foundation walls resulting in cracks, mold, leaking and other problems.

A cracked foundation is one of the most serious and most expensive issues you may face if gutter leaks aren’t caught and fixed quickly. A cracked foundation can cause your home to shift on it’s foundation leading to expensive repairs.

Eavestroughs may fall off

Pooled water along eavestroughs can cause weak spots in the fascia, soffits and roof allowing heavy sections to pull away and break off.

Damage to your landscaping and garden

Overflowing and leaking eavestroughs can cause water to pour out of the gutter at inopportune spots leading to soil erosion and damage to landscaping or your garden.

Damaged siding

Water getting in behind siding will lead to the wood swelling and even rotting. Rotted wood can be hard to spot when hidden behind siding so the damage can get pretty bad before you even find it.

Damage to driveway, patio or deck

Pooled water, consistent leaks and overly wet ground can cause damage to pavement and wood structures surrounding your house that are in the path of the water leak. The longer the water is left to leak and pool, the more damage you’ll be facing.

What causes eavestrough leaks?

The most common causes of leaks in your gutters are their age and a lack of regular cleaning. Weather damage like high winds and extremely heavy rain can also cause eavestroughs to feel too much pressure and cause leaks.

To prevent leaks before they occur you should clean your gutters twice a year, in the spring and fall, and after any bad storms. This will help you catch any potential age-related issues before they happen and to keep the water flowing smoothly through unclogged and empty gutters.

Time to hire a professional

Though there are many tasks that you can do yourself around your home and property, fixing and replacing eavestroughs is likely not one of them. This task isn’t as simple as just pulling down the old gutters and popping in new ones. If you have leaking gutters, it is important to look deeper to ensure that there is no internal damage to your roof or siding before just patching or replacing the damaged section.

In addition to the extra diagnostic work that eavestrough damage requires, a contractor is trained to climb your roof safely. When you spot a potential leak in your gutter system the safest and easiest option is to call a contractor as soon as possible.