Choosing a colour scheme for your home, whether you are renovating or starting over with a new build, can be an intimidating situation. With SO many colour and material choices available to you, the style combinations are literally endless.

With so many options available to choose from, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular colours and style combinations this year.

How to choose a colour & style combination

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The siding of your home is a great opportunity to play with colours and textures to create a look that you love. There are many combinations you can consider, but a few popular trends this year include:

  • Darker hues with emphasis on white trim
  • Dark, rich siding and bold accents
  • Incorporating texture like brick work, stone or wood
  • Blending siding of different widths to create a rustic look
  • Rich colours and natural hues like forest green, autumn red and ocean blue
  • Darker colours with white trim and stone accents
  • Mixing materials and styles like vinyl or wood siding with stone or brick accents
  • Add a bold pop of colour on doors to create a focal point
  • Use light and dark shades of a similar, neutral colour and complement with a bold accent colour

Popular colour trends this year


Many shades of blue have grown in popularity in the last several years. While it can be somewhat of a bold colour choice, you have quite a bit of freedom when choosing the right colours for trims and doors based on what shade you choose for your siding.

Deeper, darker blues are a common trend for siding this year, and they pair beautifully with both white trim and something darker like black or grey. You could also add in a bright door for a pop of colour and interest!


Grey is probably the most popular neutral out there, and it has been for the last several years. If you’re looking for a neutral colour that is easy to play with and accent, grey is likely going to tick those boxes. Whether you look for something lighter and use darks on the trim or flip that and use a darker grey on your siding with lighter trim, you still have quite a bit of play in your design.

Dark and smoky greys are topping the market right now, especially when combined with white or light-coloured trims. If you’re craving some colour you can add a pop of colour on your door or go for a more blue-grey slate colour.


While a red house might bring in thoughts of barns and fire trucks, reds that lean more into a rusty or brown colour base make sharp siding choices. These more autumn feeling reds offer a vibrant look on your street, but you’ll want to mix it with textures like brick or stone siding features to avoid looking like a barn.

If you love red but aren’t sure about using it as a siding colour you can use red on your door to create a great focal point on a more neutral coloured home, or go with wood siding that’s been stained to give off more of a red wood vibe.


Green siding is a great way to bring colour into your curb appeal, while still remaining somewhat neutral. Darker and more muted greens that lend themselves to thoughts of trees, fields and forests are popular choices for home siding.

For an option that feels more like a grey with a hint of the green, look for a green in the olive family. This green is close enough to grey to feel more neutral and universal, but will still offer that hint of colour.

A new exterior colour can transform your home!

Regardless of what colour scheme you choose, installing new siding and trim can completely transform your home, taking you from run of the mill to WOW! Updating your soffit, fascia and eaves and picking a new colour scheme for your house can make you feel like you’re coming home to a completely new house.