If you’re noticing it is time to replace or upgrade your siding, it might seem like an overwhelming task to take on. There are many different kinds of siding to choose from for your home, so researching and narrowing down your options is the first step to a visually appealing, durable and cost-effective investment.

The most common types of siding this year

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is probably the most popular siding choice on homes today since the tough plastic material is very durable and budget friendly. Vinyl is also very easy to clean and comes in a variety of textures, colours and styles so homeowners are able to customize their siding to their unique tastes.

The drawback to vinyl siding is that often the lower cost translates to a somewhat lower overall quality. While not necessarily common, vinyl siding can be damaged or cracked in extreme weather conditions like wind and extreme temperatures

Metal Siding

Aluminum and steel are both common options of metal siding. This modern-looking style is becoming more popular for home siding thanks to its strength, durability and unique aesthetic. Aluminum especially is good in more humid climates because it does not rust or mold and doesn’t require much maintenance once installed. Metal siding can lean more to the expensive side if you choose steel or copper, but the cost is lower if going with aluminum.

Brick Siding

One of the most durable, sturdy and classic looking siding options for your home is brick. This siding can last nearly forever and stand up to any kind of weather. Brick siding is also fire resistant, and won’t need to be repainted or refinished as time goes on. This longevity does come with a higher investment cost, however. One way to help negate the significantly higher cost of going with brick for your whole house is to blend brick and another siding like vinyl.

Stucco Siding

Stucco is great choice for siding as it is quite durable and low maintenance and will rarely require touching up or painting as the years go on. This durability means it stands up to weather changes quite well and will be friendly on the wallet, too. The most significant drawback to choosing stucco is that it can be fairly labour intensive to install, requiring the help of a professional.

Fiber Cement Siding

Though less common in Canada, fiber cement siding can be a great choice for your home. This material is created to look and feel similar to a natural wood siding but comes with a lower cost, much higher ability to stand up to fire and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance. There will be maintenance required however, since fiber cement siding will need to be painted every 12-15 years and could require touch ups if the finish gets chipped or damaged.

Wood Siding

Wood offers a very natural and timeless look to a home, so is a popular choice amongst homeowners. With endless options of wood choice and finish style, the look of wood siding is incredibly customizable and can drastically change the appearance of your house. While durable, wood siding will likely need maintenance every 2-5 years, depending on what kind of paint or stain you choose. You’ll also need to treat your wood against insects and water, and think twice if you live in a very dry climate since wood is not fire resistant.

If wood feels like too much of an investment, engineered wood siding is another option to consider.

Stone Siding

Stone is a very attractive, though expensive, choice for home siding. Stone siding is a very durable choice as it stands up well to rain, wind and other elements and requires very little maintenance once it is installed. You can also choose natural stone like granite, limestone or slate to create a beautiful and customized look for your home. Stone does come with a hefty price tag though, largely because it requires much more work to install.

Many considerations for home siding finish and/or replacement

When choosing new siding for your home there are many factors to consider. Things like visual appeal, durability, energy efficiency and cost should all weigh into the discussion. Visiting a professional can help you compare options, and decide which might be the best choice for your home.