New Exteriors Don’t Have to Cost a Lot

When it comes to home renovations, improvements like kitchens and bathrooms are big ticket renovations. Realtors often cite those as good ways to boost home values. On the inside, yes, they’re often offer the best means to increase your home value. However, you always also hear about the importance of curb appeal and that applies to homes small and large.

Often if you could only do one thing, realtors may recommend you improve the exterior appearance of your home (if you can do a second, it would be to paint your home interior). Re-siding and updating eavestroughs, gutters and fascias not only makes your home look great, but it adds to  home protection and safety from water and wind damage. It also contributes to lower, more efficient energy usage. It’s not all “looks” as curb appeal is matched by “value appeal” to homeowners, and prospective home buyers alike.

At Total Aluminum, we’re all about transforming home exteriors. That means more than a great new look, but a more energy efficient and comfortable home. The transformation of the small home pictured increased the value of the home and provided the proud Hamilton, Ontario homeowners an excellent return on investment.

New Exteriors Can Provide Excellent Return on Investment

By selecting on-trend colours and ever-improving materials, the cost may be well worth the investment. Homes that provide a great first impression and look great from the exterior simply are valued and sell for more. New, properly installed siding, whether aluminum, wood or other cladding types, can reduce your energy consumption. That’s means all-season home heating and cooling cost savings.

When financing home improvements, lenders also see the value add proposition with the increased value of your property and be more likely to lend (versus using borrowed funds to put towards a depreciating asset, like a car).

Never forget to shop around for home improvement grants and loans that are energy efficiency driven. Programs like the Ontario Renovates Program lists many home improvements, including new home siding, as potentially eligible for grants. Financing renovations that save money at extremely low rates (or with rebates!) just makes sense!

But I Have a Small House!

When it comes to home size, adding value makes sense regardless of the size of the house. If you’ve a smaller home, the exterior re-do can be very quick and inexpensive. For older homes, the return on investment comes that much faster. The pictured home is an example of a project completed quickly (in Hamilton, ON) where a new colour – and life – added appeal, value and energy efficiency to the home. New siding and gutters made this little older home new again.

Is it Time to Plan your Before and After Renovation?

Curb appeal, higher energy efficiency, decreased home energy costs, higher home value and access to “free” or low cost financing mean the right time is now – in Ontario – for your home exterior project.



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