Now that you’ve decided whether to go with siding, cladding or masonry on your home’s exterior, it’s time to make probably the most difficult decision yet: what colour scheme to go with. On one hand you want to fit in with your neighbourhood, but on the other you also want the exterior of your home to be an expression of your unique tastes. Your siding is likely to last a long time so choosing a colour that you’ll like for years to come will help you make the most of your renovation investment.

Top home exterior colours this year

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Shades of white

While a crisp, solid white can present a simple, clean and modern home exterior, you may want to go with a slightly cream tone to soften it a bit. Both white and off white create a beautiful palate for a bright pop of colour on the door or trim or a nice wood compliment, so you really can’t go wrong either way. Ivories and off whites are looking a bit more popular for 2021 as they aren’t quite as stark and bold as a bright white, yet still offer the same sleek look.

Neutral greys

Light grey can lend itself to a more modern exterior while dark can help elevate your curb appeal and give a look of sophistication. Playing with the colour of your trim can change the way that the grey pops on your home, so try out a few combinations before settling on the prefect colour palate. Choosing a timeless grey siding can help ensure that your exterior colour will not have to be replaced for quite some time.

Grey with a hint of colour

Adding a blue or green hue to a grey base can completely change the look of your home’s exterior. This option is perfect if you’d like to maintain a neutral exterior colour, but also step outside of the box just a bit.

Pale yellow

A pale, butter yellow is a colour that is coming up more in 2021. This spring hue can bring brightness and warmth to your exterior without being too overbearing or making your house look like a traffic light. Stick with white trim and doors to help tone down the brightness.

Mustard yellow

In contrast to a pale yellow, a mustard tone can be paired with darker trim like navy or slate blue, deep burgundy, earthy greens or even dark wood tones to help tone down a bold colour choice.

Earthy greens

Earthy greens like a dark forest green or pale sage can work very well on many home styles, especially more rustic farmhouses. Consider what colour of trim and roof you’ll use before you commit to this, as it can come across fairly strong if it’s not complimented well.

Shades of blue

Blue is an extremely popular exterior home colour right now, and for good reason. With so many shades that will look great on a home you really can’t go wrong with blue. Go dark with a navy hue, bight with a colonial shade or keep it subdued with a pale blue.

Barn red or burgundy

If you’re looking for a bit brighter of a colour but aren’t ready to go all the way bright, a barn red or dark burgundy colour works great on siding. The brighter the red the more your exterior siding will pop in the neighbourhood, so take a look around before deciding what sort of impression you want to create.

Siding is often the way to go

Choosing one of 2021’s popular exterior home colours will help you stay on trend and in good favour with your neighbours, while also delivering a curb appeal that you will be proud of for years to come.