With the weather warming up and most people planning on spending more time outside this summer, you might notice that your home needs a bit of updating. Improving the curb appeal of your home is not just something that you should do if you’re selling your home. Making adjustments to your home’s exterior can help it look more attractive to anyone walking or driving by, and help ensure that any potential problems with insulation, roof leaks or pest infestation are caught early.

9 ways to improve the curb appeal of your home

There are many things you can do to help improve the curb appeal of your home, some cheap and easy and others a bit more involved. Regardless of which ones you choose to implement, there is no wrong choice when it comes to refreshing the exterior look of your home.

1. Paint or replace home exterior

Depending on the age and material or your home exterior, you’ve several options

    • Old siding? You can paint or replace old siding. Often, painting can be cheaper in the short run, but really not the best option given new siding materials last longer and look better than ever. They also come in endless colours and styles. Be it vertical or horizontal installation – aluminum or vinyl, expert siding installation can be more affordable and provide the best return on investment.
    • Old stucco? Can be easily repainted or repaired/painted. This is a quick and easy way to improve the looks of your home exterior
    • Old brick? You can do many things from water/sand blasting (be careful and research the best methods) or you can…
      • Cover brick with siding
      • Cover brick with stucco

If you’re in Burlington, Oakville, Milton or the Hamilton area, Total Aluminum is your expert choice for transforming your home exterior with gorgeous siding options!

2. Paint the Front Door(s)

On of the easiest upgrades that you can do to your home is to paint the front door. A gallon of paint will run you about $30 and you can have it painted in a day. This can help brighten up your home’s exterior and provide a fun complement or contrast to your siding colour. Complete the door painting by including your garage doors in matching or complementary colour.

3. Install a New Door Handle

With a fresh-looking front door, you may want to look into replacing your door handle as well. Whether you want to go with a modern coded entry or stick with a keyed lock, a new door handle can refresh your curb appeal for a very low cost.

4. Replace sod or reseed your yard

If you’ve neglected caring for your lawn for a period of time you may find it easiest to pull it up and lay down new sod. However, if your lawn is in decent shape, you can also work to spread fresh seed in order to freshen up your yard.

5. Plant flowers or trees

Whether you have a large yard that allows for a great garden and nice trees or are working with a smaller space more suited to flower boxes or individual platers, planting bright and colourful flowers and trees can quickly improve your home’s curb appeal.

6. Replace your soffits and eavestroughs

These features face a lot of harsh conditions, so can appear worn down sooner than other parts of your home. Replacing soffits and eavestroughs can help the exterior look refreshed, even without redoing your siding or roof.

7. Install new lights

Updating your exterior lighting so that it highlights the features you want noticed and adequately lights up your entryway for safety can really renew the exterior appeal of your home.

8. Dress up your porch

If your porch offers space for some patio furniture or a swing, adding these can significantly improve the curb appeal of any home. New buyers will be able to picture themselves at home and guests will welcome the comfort you’ve provided.

9. Replace your roof

Installing a new roof will immediately give a refreshed and updated look to your home. It can also help you address any potential problem areas that might already be leaking or may start soon.

Improving your curb appeal shows pride of ownership (and is a great investment)

Feeling pride in your home’s exterior every time you pull into the driveway or invite friends over for dinner is something you’ll never regret. Whether you’re able to make big changes like replacing the siding or roof or are looking for simple fixes like painting the door or planting some flowers, the changes you make now will be well worth the effort.