When it comes to replacing siding and doing exterior renovations, whether on a unit you plan to rent or sell or on your own home, it may seem easy to schedule the repairs. You just do them whenever the contractor can get you in! But in reality, there is one season that can be better than the others, and for many reasons: fall. Of the 4 seasons, fall offers the most benefits for those looking to complete some exterior renovations.

Great reasons to choose fall for your renovations

There are many reasons to choose fall for doing your exterior renovations. Whether you are looking to save money, time or headache, fall has some awesome perks when it comes to replacing siding, windows or roofing.

Contractors likely have a more open schedule

With the rush of summer work winding down, contractors are likely to have more room in their schedule for larger jobs like replacing siding, painting or roofing. To get into their summer schedule you probably would have had to book the job in the spring. So, if you decide into the summer that you want to do some exterior work, consider planning to have it done in the fall so you have your pick of dates.

People aren’t hanging out at home as much

With school back in session contractors will have an easier time working without distractions and complications. During summer break when more families are at home and kids are running around it can be hard to work around so many people. This can help contractors get more done each day and therefor finish the job quicker.

Enjoy the holidays in a fresh, new home

When you invite friends over to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, you’ll enjoy being able to show off the new look of your home. Your guests will be impressed by the curb appeal and your home will look amazing in those snowy photos!

The temperature is ideal

The fall season offers the perfect weather for exterior renovations. The high heat of summer has likely faded but the snow and cooler winter temperatures haven’t yet shown their face. Not only is fall temperature nicer for contractors working outside, it’s also the ideal temperature for the materials themselves. Hot summers can cause siding materials to set poorly, react badly to humidity or rainfall and expand with heat (therefore contracting with the cool weather).

Prepare for the cold of winter

If you are in an older home that has been having trouble holding its heat or has been giving you a higher-than-you’d-like heating bill, fall can be the perfect time to complete renovations. Preparing your home for winter by installing new siding or redoing the roof with better insulation can help decrease your utility costs in the cold winter months. When new siding is installed this is often a great opportunity to seal up any cracks or holes in walls that may lead to air flowing through in the winter.

It can be cheaper

Because fall and winter are slower times for contractors, they are often more willing to offer a discount. Materials can also be found for lower or discounted rates as this is when they are likely clearing out inventory for new products for next season, so your project can end up costing less than it would in the spring or summer.

Withstand the spring runoff

When you replace your siding or roof you can also opt to replace your eavestroughs which can help your home better handle the runoff from spring melting each year. A roof with a good drainage system is going to have a much longer life span than one that cause water to pool in places.

Enjoy the many benefits of doing exterior renovations in the fall

There are many reasons why you should choose the fall to complete any of the exterior renovations you have had your mind on. Not only is the mild weather a great thing for your contractors, it’s a positive for the materials they use as well. With the end of season sales and possible contractor discounts you might even save some money and end up with a cheaper renovation than you originally planned on!