As spring nears and you start getting outside more you may start noticing that it’s time to give your home a facelift. Improving the curb appeal of your home can help to increase your property value and present a much nicer picture to anyone walking or driving by. When you decide to update your siding, you are likely faced with 2 options: to paint it or replace it.

Though there are arguments for both, replacing your siding just might be the better choice.

Painting versus replacing home siding

Painting your vinyl siding might seem like the easiest, cheapest and most obvious choice however there are a few reasons why you may be better off to go actually replace it altogether. Here are the main considerations when considering replacement versus painting your existing siding:

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The cost (investment)

While it may seem like painting your siding will be cheaper than just replacing it, you likely aren’t considering all of the details. Sure, the paint itself will have a lower price tag than new vinyl siding, but you also have to factor in the cost of tools like sprayers, scaffolding and man power. The time required to prepare and then paint (multiple coats) such a large surface as the outside of a house can actually be comparable to just ripping the old siding down and installing new siding. Additionally, painted siding will require more ongoing maintenance and upkeep than new siding will.

From an investment perspective, consider that your home is likely the single largest investment you’ll ever own. In that respect, siding replacement provides a new home exterior and in this sense, it can actually pay for itself – or even double your return on investment via price appreciation of your home.

Need for updating

Because your home is likely at the mercy of elements like sun, wind, rain and snow, the paint on siding is likely going to need touch ups and repairs fairly regularly. When you budget the cost of these repairs you will probably negate the higher price tag of new siding.

Chance of it getting botched

If your siding isn’t painted with the correct paint or it’s not prepped correctly before getting painted it could end up looking worse than when you started. If that happens the money you’ve spent to paint rather than replace your siding will have been completely wasted.

Ability to ensure walls are sound

When new siding is installed the professional contractors are able to take off the old siding and inspect the outside of your home for any possible issues from moisture, pests and house settling. This helps ensure your home will remain structurally sound. When you paint siding instead of replacing it, you don’t get this opportunity. You’ll also be able to ensure the insulation in your home is ideal. With sidings available that actually have insulation built in, you can even maximize your heating efficiency at the same time you replace your siding.

Colour selection

When replacing your siding you’ll have all the colours options you can think of. However, if you choose to paint instead, you’ll be limited to what colours you can choose as you’ll have to ensure the new colour will sufficiently cover the old one and you’ll be restricted to whatever number of colours are available that will actually adhere properly to the siding.

Warranty and Insurance

If your vinyl siding still has a warranty on it painting it may void that warranty. Because many manufacturers do not honour warranties if the siding has been painted, you’ll want to look closely at your warranty to see if this is spelled out. Paint on vinyl siding can ruin the finish and durability of the siding itself so the manufacturer can’t continue to back up their initial product. In addition, if you have to place a claim with your home insurance for damage caused during a storm or fire, the agency may refuse to honour the claim if they find that your siding has been painted.

Replacing is usually a better option

As you update your exterior this spring and debate whether to paint or replace your siding, think about how long you’d like your new siding to last without repair. When you choose high quality siding to replace the old stuff it will likely never need to be painted and will last decades. The added cost of replacement vs painting may even increase your home value to where the added expense is negligible.