If you’ve reached the point where you feel as though you’ve outgrown your current home, you might find yourself thinking that it’s time to sell. However, with the housing market as tight as it is, it could be difficult to find the perfect replacement. This seller’s market is exactly why building an extension on your current home might actually be the best way to expand your living space, boost your resale value and improve your curb appeal!

Now might not be the time to move

At Total Aluminum, we’ll work with you or your architect/designers to complete the exterior of any home addition project. We help find complementary exterior finishes and ensure the eaves, soffit and fascia are perfectly installed. Let’s take your home to another level!

The past 2 years have led to an ever tightening housing market, making it quite difficult for the average home owner to move into a bigger home. While you’ll likely get a great price to sell your home, you’ll be facing a few barriers when it comes to buying a new one. With less homes on the market, many houses are going into bidding wars, with sellers able to pick the offer that they like the best. This will have you paying quite a bit more than you might be prepared for. Fewer homes on the market also means less selection to choose from, often leaving buyers to have to compromise on their wants.

Benefits of building a home extension

There are many benefits to deciding to build a home extension this year. Although there are a number of different factors that will play into your decision, like the space you have available, your budget and contractor availability, a home extension is sure to leave you satisfied.

Improves curb appeal

Whether you plan to sell at some point down the line or just want to fit in with the rest of your neighbourhood, designing and building a home extension can help tremendously. The ability to match the exterior of your extension to your current home will allow you to keep a consistent look on the entire outside of your home.

Expands your living space

Building a home addition is like designing a whole new house without the expense of one. A home extension can come with a significant price tag however the ability to customize the space to be exactly what you are looking for will make the investment worthwhile.

You get to hold onto your home

Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your home, you’ve no doubt made some memories and found things you love about it. Building a home extension rather than buying a new home will allow you to stay in your current house, continuing to make memories.

Great excuse to update your current exterior

When building a home extension, you will be choosing new siding, windows, eaves and roofing. If you’re looking to update your existing home, this is the perfect time to get everything done at once.

Seamlessly add onto your home

A home addition doesn’t have to be an eyesore. When done well, it can be added on seamlessly to your existing home. Colour matching your siding, strategically planning your windows and roofing and paying attention to your landscaping can help it look like your extension has always been there.

Adds value to your home

The cost associated with building a home addition isn’t small, however when you calculate the return you are likely to see based on the added square footage, your home’s value is sure to increase.

Milton Ontario Home Exterior Addition

Total Aluminum Home Exterior Finishes for Milton, Ontario Home Addition Project

Now is the time to plan your house extension

Choosing to build a home extension can be a difficult process. By the time you factor in cost, time and the effort it will take, it might seem easier to just buy a new house that suits your needs from the jump. But adding onto your current home will often lead to the best emotional and financial value, especially during time when the housing market is so tight.