It’s common to not give much thought to the curb appeal of a commercial property. After all, how much can one really change when you’re dealing with an entire building? While you may think that updating the siding of a commercial property is going to be way outside of your budget there are definitely things you can do to help bridge the gap. And when you start seeing the benefits of updating your curb appeal, you’ll wish you had made the leap sooner!

Top reasons to update your commercial cub appeal

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It can help bring in customers

When potential customers are browsing for a business to support, the appearance of the outside of yours can make a big difference to whether they walk through the door or not. Worn out siding, dated trim and an unappealing entrance way can factor into the first impressions you’re giving to your potential customers.

It can be budget friendly

Updating your commercial siding doesn’t have to mean replacing all of it. If your cladding is still in good shape and just needs a bit of an update, giving it a proper cleaning and paint job can be enough to tip the scales of great curb appeal. If you’ve decided that the siding on your building has reached the end of its life, there are material options that can make the difference between an expensive update and a budget friendly improvement.

It’s a fast solution

Whether you’re painting your entire building, touching up your trim or looking to replace the cladding on part or all of your building, the task of updating your commercial appeal can be done quickly.

Updating your curb appeal is easy

From touching up a paint job to adding some nice planters or a seating area, making your commercial building more visually appealing can be a fairly easy job. Many owners prefer to hire the job out, however there’s nothing stopping you from doing it on your own. Unless you’re looking to have sections of cladding, trim, eavestroughs or windows replaced, most tasks to update curb appeal can be done easily yourself.

Ways to update your commercial curb appeal on a budget

There are many steps you can take to update the curb appeal of a commercial business, whether you’re looking to stay within a budget or just want to do the best job for your needs.

Paint the siding – If replacing the siding isn’t in your budget, consider painting it instead. Depending on what kind of material your siding is made of, a fresh paint job could give you a few years of an updated look to hold you over until you’re ready to replace it.

Update trim – The trim around your doors and windows can play a surprising role in how updated and fresh your building looks from the outside. Even if the siding seems great, choosing a new colour for your trim or even just giving it a repainting can quickly refresh the outside of your building.

Add planters – A well placed planter with great looking, brightly coloured flowers, trees or plants can do wonders to brighten up the exterior of a commercial business.

Replace windows – Old, worn-out windows aren’t too noticeable when you’re looking at a building from further away, but as you get closer it can quickly become obvious how old they look.

Choose a lower cost material for cladding – If replacing the siding of your commercial building is hovering around fitting in your budget, choosing a budget-friendly material can help tip the scales. Materials like vinyl or metal siding can come in significantly cheaper than something like brick. Talk to a siding professional to get a quote and decide the best option for your needs.