Curb Appeal is (Almost) Everything

When it comes to custom home building, clients demand perfection. They’re building from the ground up something they’ve dreamed up. With custom home building, it’s common to source materials that are suited for the particular design project.  Selecting the right aluminum trim, from colour to soffit to fascia to gutter depth is all critical – from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.

Custom Homes Demand Precision Material Supply

From the colour to the cut the soffit, fascia, eavestrough and downspouts – they should appear as one. Perfect matching with minimally visible seems from the street view. Matched with any combination of siding materials, from stucco to stone to aluminum or wood siding, the trim work is the finishing touch.

  • Soffits & fascia the integrate seamlessly

  • Eavestroughs (gutters) of proper depth matched with downspoats

  • Trim work that compliments exterior siding

  • Roofing for function and looks

When it comes to home exteriors, it’s an investment that will last years – and decades if done right.

With property values rising, investing in your home makes financial sense

Selling and buying homes involves transaction costs not all homeowners think of at first. Between real estate fees, land transfer taxes and other closing and moving costs – a fantastic home renovation project can be undertaken. It’s an increasing popular choice for most home owners. Also, the decision to build a custom home is a choice for those that have the time and patience to build something extraordinary.

The first rule in selecting a contractor for exterior home renovations is to evaluate the quality of your interaction, materials to be used, and budget (of course). Trust only professionals with a track record – that have been in business (and work year-round) and back what they build.

Home exteriors of high quality and design provide the greatest impact on curb appeal. Along with even simple but clean landscaping, building a breathtaking custom home or renovating can add value for years to come.