Replacing the siding on your home is a job that can have big effects on both the curb appeal and the value of your home. It can even help decrease your heating bills by providing better insulation! But when it comes to something like replacing your siding, it can seem like a given to wait until spring to get started. However, it is possible to have it done during the winter and there are several reasons why replacing your siding in the winter is a good plan.

Reasons to replace your siding in the winter

Though the winter may seem like an odd season to take on some exterior renovations, it’s actually a great time to get your siding replaced. From financial benefits to esthetic ones, having your siding replaced during an Ontario winter can work out in your favour.

If you’re in the Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton-Niagara areas and are thinking of replacing your home siding during the winter – you can! Call siding installation professionals to get the job done right at Total Aluminum!

1. You have your pick of dates

Since most people usually have their siding work done in the spring or fall, most contractors will have much more time available in the winter. This means you can pick a date that works best for your schedule, rather than waiting until they can squeeze you into theirs. Along with this, since the contractor isn’t likely to be overbooked, they’ll be able to complete your project more efficiently as well.

2. You might save some money

With the colder weather most contractors will see their workload decrease, particularly when it comes to exterior renovations. This means that you may be able to negotiate a lower fee for the work being done, and possibly score some deals on the materials.

3. Your heating bill might go down

If you’ve had the same siding for years you might be at risk of reduced heat retention. Your contractors will be able to fix any gaps or cracks in the siding that might lead to heat being able to escape, as well. When your siding is fully intact without any weak points or cracks you might notice your home is better able to stay heated in the winter.

4. You’ll increase your home value

Installing new siding is a great way to improve both your curb appeal and your home value. When your home looks more attractive from the outside you may find buyers will be hooked before they even enter your home. If you get your siding done before Christmas, you’ll get to enjoy the look of your home when decorated for the holidays!

5. It won’t interrupt your outdoor time in the summer

During the summer months your family is likely spending a lot of time outside. If you have kids, they probably want to spend their summer running around the yard and playing. Having contractors around working on your house can potentially get in the way of all this outdoor time, so choosing to replace your siding in the winter when you aren’t outside as often is a great way to avoid this issue.

6. Mild winters mean vinyl siding won’t face temperature changes

Though extreme cold isn’t ideal for installing most siding materials, the mild winters that most of southern Ontario experiences can actually be fine for siding installation. If using vinyl siding your contractor will suggest the best timeline to ensure the siding won’t crack during installation.

7. Your landscaping won’t get in the way

During the summer when your flowerbeds are in full bloom, you likely don’t want contractors walking around in them, possibly trampling them down. But in the winter, you won’t have to worry about this as most of your garden will be hibernating or gone until the next summer.

Winter is a great time to replace your siding

Though winter might seem like a pretty odd time to do exterior renovations on your home, it is actually the perfect season for a number of reasons. If you’re hoping to reduce costs a bit or to get the job done with the least disruption to your routine as possible, winter is a great time to have some of the work done that you’ve been putting off!